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How to double your Freelance Writing income in just a month
By Ritika Tiwari / February 8, 2016 / Comments: 6

double your freelance writing income


When I started doing Freelance writing, my first goal was to earn a little more every month because I wanted to quit my job. When I was actually able to quit my job, I was earning approximately the same amount from freelance writing as I was from my old job. And yet, my goal was to earn more. This was because I wasn’t getting any benefits of a permanent job and to make up for it, I had to hustle.

Since then my income has only increased steadily in the last year. There hasn’t been a month when I earned less than the last month. And that’s not because of sheer luck or because none of my clients ever left, its because I never stopped trying.

Here is how you can double your freelance writing income in just a month

1-   Constantly look for new clients


Swamped with work and you just cannot handle a new client? You still have to constantly look for new clients. Because you never know when your current client might stop giving you work or how much would the new client be willing to pay.

Suppose you find a new client and he is willing to pay twice as much as your current client, this means you would be earning the same amount by doing half the work. In my experience, I have always seen projects getting closed down without any notice and instead of letting it affect me, I am always ready with a backup plan.

you will be completing work with the help of some trusted freelance writers.

6-   Keep some pitches or proposals always ready

See a great project opportunity and need the perfect pitch? Instead of spending half an hour every time you see a great project, save your time and always keep a skeleton pitch ready which you can personalize accordingly.

Are you ready to follow these tips and double your Freelance Writing income in just a month?


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1 year 3 months ago

Hello ritika..your blog is simply marvellous. ..I am trying my luck in this freelancing field.I have worked with certain clients. .but the main block is not getting enough order. .what to do to have a steady flow of projects

2 years 1 month ago

Hi Ritika, Can you suggest some good websites to earn from writing?

Nitya Pydipati
Nitya Pydipati
2 years 1 month ago

Hi, I’ve started freelancing a few months back and would really like to cut a break. The online freelancing sites give out really low pay per article. I’ve done 4-5 assignments and have charged 4-5$ per article until now. Would like to grow my base and get more assignments. Please give out any suggestions 🙂