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Difference Between Blog Posts and Articles (And What to Charge)
By Ritika Tiwari / April 11, 2016 / Comments: 0


Have you heard about the terms blog post and article before? Do you know the difference between the two or are you using them interchangeably?

Did you know, not knowing the difference could cost you a lot of money?


Traditionally, what you wrote on print media was called an article and what you wrote online was called blog post. But, with so many publications springing up online, the difference now is not as clear as you would expect.


Difference betweeen (1)

Blog posts


These are generally short pieces, probably 300-400 words. The writing is in first person and you are supposed to give your own opinion here. There is never really any editor involved, and of course, you are supposed to make sure they are SEO optimized. Sort of what I do on my personal blog.


Pay – $5-$30

r blog post rates as well, but let them know that you wouldn’t be able to do much research from your end since the amount being offered is less.


What to charge


The charges I mentioned above are just an estimate and they will depend highly on the type of articles and blogs you are writing.

What I like to do is, I estimate the total amount of time it would take for me to complete an entire article, and this includes researching, gathering stats, writing, editing and finding the right pictures. After that, I let the client know my rates.


How do you differentiate between articles and blogs? Do you use them interchangeably or is your definition different from mine?


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